Nighttime workouts aren't a fitness faux pas anymore

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Working out at night isn't as bad as we've been told, some experts say. (Shutterstock)

If you're not a morning person, waking up an extra hour early to exercise probably isn't in the cards -- and it doesn't have to be.

The myth that exercising at night destroys our sleep is not true, says the National Sleep Foundation. In fact, there's no difference in a person's sleep if they exercise at night or not.

Also, some studies show you might actually sleep better and longer after pumping some iron at night than you would if you exercised in the morning.

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An article from Popsugar makes a good point, too: If you're not a morning person, you probably won't have a good morning workout. So, after work, if you can give it your all, you'll actually see better muscle gains and endurance.

If you're stressed, you might need that nighttime workout to let off some steam. According to the Journal of Strength Conditioning Research, those who trained at night had lowered their blood pressure by 15%.

Finally, if you prefer to work out at night, there's a good chance you'll be more intense, so you'll burn more calories and see results sooner.

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