Package returned after family outs thief on social media

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A stolen package was returned to a family's home after they seemingly outed the thief on social media. (KTRK)

After a box of expensive nutritional supplements disappeared from their front steps, a California couple took to social media to ask if anyone knew the man caught on camera stealing their package.

Homeowners Elizabeth and Raymond Montez posted the surveillance video in a private Facebook group to report thieves and crime around Stockton, California. Within minutes, people started commenting that they recognized the man and sharing where he was known to frequent.

And -- what do you know -- within 24 hours, the package seemingly re-appeared out of thin air.

"It was just miraculously there," homeowner Raymond told KTXL-TV of the incident.

Though the alleged package thief was quite clear on camera when the box was stolen, he was apparently able to ghost the system when he returned the merchandise.

"I don't know if he kind of paperboy-styled it and threw it from the street or what," Raymond said.

The couple still hopes the man is caught, but in the meantime, they're thankful that their online crime watch group came through forward.

"Facebook showed me there are good people too, and I felt like it was a unity thing, like everybody tried to help, and I was really grateful for that," Elizabeth Montez said.

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