Dancing with the Texans? Players use dance and music to 'bring life to the team'

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What's the key to success for the Texans? Dancing! (KTRK)

So how do the Texans lock in as they pursue their first road win this season? They dance, of course.

Charles James and Akeem Hunt don't allow the Texans practice facility to get too monotonous.

"Every day we dance," says Hunt. "We try to bring life to the team."

"We try to be loose and basically have a good time. Nobody wants it to be a morgue out there," James added.

In fact, during the stretching portion of practice, you can catch Hunt and James rehearsing a bit of their routine.

"Yea kind of," Hunt says with laughter. "We are going off each other's style."

James agrees, "Me and Akeem have some chemistry. We like to dance a lot. We always put up a few."

The dancing is contagious. You can also catch Jadeveon Clowney dancing as well.

"Yes, he is going to be seen, because he is so big," says Hunt. "Like I said, everybody just likes to have fun."

James is a big fan of hip-hop music, but it has been a long time since he tried to freestyle.

"That was back in high school man," says James, with a laugh. "I don't do that anymore. That was back in high school when I couldn't find myself."

Hunt thinks he is the better dancer of the two, but does give James his due.

"We both have our own flavor. He is down south and I am down south," says Hunt. "He is from Florida and I'm from Georgia, so it is a different kind of dance."

James does think he could have a great future on "Dancing with the Stars."

"They should give me a shot. Dude, the thing about it is, I can dance," says James. "Please Dancing with the Stars, just give me one shot. Just give me a chance."

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