Top secrets for getting great hotel deals

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Patricia Lopez is showing you how to get the best price on hotel rooms (Shutterstock)

We are helping you pick the best price on a hotel!

We found in most cases you will be quoted different rates. So we did three thing when price comparing:

  • We checked travel websites like
  • We went directly to the hotel's website we wanted to stay
  • Finally, we went 'old school' and called the hotel reservation line

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What we found was the hotel website price is almost always the cheapest.

For example, we checked out prices for the Westin Resort & Spa in Cancun. quoted us a price of $163, had a price of $159, and the phone reservation specialist gave us a price of $217.29 per night.

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Meantime, for the DoubleTree by Hilton in Downtown Los Angeles, the hotel website was again the cheapest. Expedia said we could get the room for $201, the hotel website said $163, and the phone reservation specialist quoted us a price of $204 per night.

Finally, for the Millennium Broadway Hotel in Times Square New York, the price was the same across the board: $121 a night.

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