Local man running 175 miles for 175 pediatric cancer patients

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Kevin Kline will dedicate each training day to a kid who has fought cancer. Each day, he will post their photo and story to inspire all of those facing challenges. (KTRK)

Every day in Houston, a child is diagnosed with some form of cancer -- a diagnosis that not only affects the child, but their family and friends around them. For months, this child will go through all sorts of treatments, many of which are hard for a family to watch.

The Snowdrop Foundation is a local nonprofit that has been fighting to end childhood cancer for over 10 years now. Kevin Kline and his wife Trish started the foundation after a young lady fighting cancer touched their heart many years ago.

Now, in Chelsey's honor, he and his wife work endlessly to bring an end to pediatric cancer.

On April 7, 2017, Kevin will run a 100-mile race through Zion National Park in Utah. Three weeks later, on April 29, 2016, he will be in Italy running a race called Ultramilano Sanremo (UMS). It's the longest road race in Europe, consisting of 175 miles from Milan to Sanremo.

Kevin is dedicating his run to 175 different pediatric cancer patients:

As if the distance isn't hard enough, the time limit makes it even more difficult. Kevin will have 48 hours to run the entire race. He says he isn't doing this race for himself, but to bring awareness to the fight that children have to go through to beat a cancer diagnosis.

Starting on November 5, 2016, 175 days out from UMS, Kevin will dedicate each training day to a kid who has fought cancer. He will post their photo and story on his Facebook pages to inspire, not only himself, but others who are facing a personal challenge. By doing this, he hopes to hold himself accountable during this long training period.

During the UMS race, Kevin will take nearly 500,000 steps, with each of which he will reflect on the kids who have had to fight cancer, where every breath and slightest movement hurts.

Kevin says these kids will get him through this race because nothing he will feels during this challenge will come close to what they feel during their treatment.

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