Pasadena student praised for reaching out to disabled student

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Pasadena student praised for reaching out to disabled student

A local mom is praising a young boy at her son's high school after noticing he sat with her son at lunch. Isaac Gonzales is not like every boy in his school. He has a disability and other students shy away from him, but that classmate decided to take a stand and show everyone else it's okay to be friends with someone who may seem different.

"Many times my husband and I have dropped him off at school and thought what's going to happen," Crystal Gonzales said.

It's a fear she said is hard to explain. Her teenage son, Isaac Gonzales, has been a victim of bullying in the past because people don't understand why he's different.

"It's also a tough road with society feeling like people are against your children," she said.

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Student befriends classmate who was sitting alone during lunch.

A sophomore at Dobie High School, Issac would often eat lunch alone in a sea of teenagers, all having lunch with their friends at the same time.

"I just really felt honored," said the mom.

Not long ago, another sophomore quickly spotted Isaac and did what no other student would do.

Justin Vega took his lunch tray and sat down next to Isaac.

"Me, him and my other friend have lunch together," Isaac said.

"It was just a thing I felt motivated to do," Vega said. "It was a good thing to do, I just wanted to do it."

The two had lunch for many weeks until finally, a picture caught the attention of Issac's mom. Her heart melted and went on social media thanking Justin's parents.

"(Isaac's) mom posted that (on Facebook) and I said, 'wow, it must be a really big deal', so it felt kind of good," Vega said.

Now Isaac's mom is feeling a different kind of emotion and it has nothing to do with fear.

"It just touched my heart because it made me as a mom feel comfortable knowing that in the midst of all these hundreds of kids that somebody is looking out for my son," she said.

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