Trick or Treat: Here's how to save big on Halloween candy

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Patricia Lopez shows you how to stretch your dollar on Halloween candy this year

Have you purchased your Halloween candy?

Most of us will hit the grocery store or discount store, but can you save big at the warehouse stores? Patricia Lopez has the answer!

It is estimated that Americans will spend just a bit more than $2 billion on candy every year for Halloween.

Chocolate is the most popular, so how much does chocolate candy cost?

We did some shopping around at the drug store, the discount store and the warehouse stores.

At Walgreens, we found specific bags of candy on sale. One of the best deals we spotted at the store is this 17.5 ounce bag.

The bag is on sale two for $10, but with a Walgreen's coupon, you're saving over $3 per bag.

Over at Walmart, a Hershey's Halloween Frankenstein variety bag has 235 pieces. It's on sale with a roll back price of $17 a bag.

At Costco, we spotted an all-chocolate variety bag for $15.99. It has 150 pieces.

So how does the price break down per ounce for all three stops?

  • Walmart, the price per ounce is 25.4 cents an ounce.
  • Walgreens, it's 22.9 cents an ounce.
  • Costco was the winner at 17.8 cents an ounce.

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