Woman claims Harris County deputy assaulted her outside local bar

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Grandmother claims she was roughed up by deputies outside Katy bar. (KTRK)

A woman claims a Harris County deputy assaulted her outside a bar in Katy early Sunday morning.

The police report and witnesses tell a different story.

Penny Jacobson alongside her husband and community activist Quanell X are calling for the deputy to be investigated and suspended.

"He threw me over a trash can," Jacobson said. "Mind you, I'm still hand-cuffed, his arm is on the back of my neck."

Jacobson said she ended up on the ground because the officer either tripped her or pushed her.

"I'm screaming the entire time in pain," Jacobson said.

That is the only part of the story an eyewitness agrees with. The man did not want to be identified but wanted this side of the story to be told. He said he recorded the incident on his cell phone.

"We took two videos about a minute in length combined of her flailing, flailing, not listening to the officers, being a thousand percent overly dramatic, completely drunk," the witness said. "No officer ever threw her to the ground, ever put a violent hand on her at all. She was the one putting them at risk because she was flailing and overly dramatic and completely intoxicated."

Security video provided by Jacobson and Quanell X shows officers pulling Jacobson into a patrol car.

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According to the police report, the officer wrote, "Out of concern for officer safety, I quickly placed my arms under Ms. Penny's arms in a bear hug fashion before lifting her up and carrying all of her weight while quickly walking backwards to my patrol unit," the officer wrote. "Ms. Penny began to throw up in the back seat of my patrol unit in between her screaming at me and the EMS personnel."

The officer describes Jacobson as intoxicated.

The owner of Mo's Place said Jacobson was asked to step outside of the bar after bumping into another patron.

Jacobson denies being drunk.

"I was not intoxicated," Jacobson said. "I was upset. I was tortured."

She wants the officer investigated and suspended.

Quanell X said they plan on filing a complaint with the Harris County Sheriff's Office Internal Affairs Division.

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