How many calories are in Halloween candy?

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Before you nosh on that Halloween candy, you might want to see this (Dan Goodman)

Before you raid your kids' Halloween bags or the trick or treat bucket, you need to look at how many calories you're getting with those fun-sized candies.

A Reese's Peanut Butter Cup will cost you 110 calories, whereas a Peanut Butter Snickers bar will net you 130 calories.

If you're a Take Five lover, you might just want to take five. These bars are 100 calories.

Some of the fun-sized candies aren't as bad.

A fun-sized Pay Day has 90 calories, while a Butterfinger or Baby Ruth has 85 calories. The Mounds bar has 80 calories.

Now for some guilty-free grabs from the candy jar!

Fun-sized Milk Duds are just 40 calories, and you can enjoy Nerds or Mike and Ikes for 50 calories.

Jelly Belly is a good option when you have a sweet tooth. Those come in at just 35 calories.

The sweetest splurge of all? Sweet Tarts, at just 10 calories per serving.

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