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Tips for caring for your curly hair

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If you're a girl with any kind of curl, you know the struggle to have bouncy, healthy, un-frizzy curls is real. So, Tamika Fletcher of Natural Resources Salon has some tips to keep our curls looking their best.

First, chose a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner.

Detergents in shampoos and conditioners can be drying, so sulfate-free kinds will give your hair more moisture. Also, pre-condition to help keep hair moisturized.

Next, when choosing styling products look for creams and butters. These are the best moisturizers for our hair and will help manage the curl best.

Begin combing hair from the tip with a leave-in detangler to avoid breakage. Also, a wide-tooth comb helps avoid snapping fragile curls.

Fletcher recommends trimming hair every three months. Also, daily combing can leave split ends and brittle. So, add oil and cream to the tips of the hair to protect the hair from split ends.

Finally, for women with textured hair, Fletcher recommends protective styles.

They help maintain a healthy curl and these styles don't require daily coming styling.

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