Judge throws off robe, rushes to help subdue defendant

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A judge got into a scuffle with a defendant in the courtroom

A Michigan judge has been compared to Superman, after he was caught on camera rushing to help restrain a defendant in court.

This video recorded in December shows Judge John McBain presiding over a hearing with a man accused of violating a personal protection order. The judge ordered the defendant to three days in jail, and then the pair got into a heated exchange.

Judge McBain ended up sentencing the man to a year in jail. That's when the defendant got combative with the bailiff. The judge threw off his robe and helped restrain the defendant.

McBain said, "I would hope any other judge would say, if my court officer is in trouble, I am going to go down there and do what I can."

Other judges reviewed this video and say Judge McBain did not do anything wrong.

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