Boy heads to court days after losing his whole family

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An 8-year-old boy was in CPS court today, just days after losing his family. Miya Shay reports.

Clutching a stuffed animal, a little boy heads to court just two days after he lost his entire family.

Young boy only survivor in triple shooting

Tuesday night, authorities say 58-year-old Ali Edris shot his adult son, Edris Edris, 24, his wife, Sofya Ali, 33, and then himself. Everyone died. The 8-year-old boy was the only survivor in the family.

Today, the boy's relatives and friends gathered at a Child Protective Services court hearing. The boy is in state custody, but a judge placed him with relatives.

For people who knew the Edris family, the tragedy is impossible to understand.

Anwar Alsaydi, a family friend, said, "Shocked, didn't believe it. I still don't believe he did that because he's not the person I really expect would do. He's very kind mannered guy."

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