Honeymoon photos gone after thief takes backpack and camera

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Honeymoon photos gone after thief takes backpack and camera (KTRK)

Houston newlyweds, Clara and Connor Neagli, need help tracking down some very precious memories.

A car burglar stole the husband's backpack just hours after the couple returned from their honeymoon. The Neaglis told Eyewitness News the break-in happened last night between 6pm and 8pm in the parking lot of BJ's Restaurant and Brewhouse located at 7637 FM 1960.

A crook broke into the family's red Ford F-150.

Inside the cameo-green Osprey backpack were a Cannon camera and a GoPro camera. Their honeymoon pictures located on the storage card.

Connor Neagli said under the cameras were his Bible, a marriage book, and a very special journal.

Clara Neagli said she wrote her husband letters for a year.

On their wedding day, she handed it over.

"It was one of the sweetest moments of that day. I'll never forget," said Connor Neagli. "I was on the other side of the corner so I couldn't see her but I heard her voice say, 'I've been writing in that every day for the past year. From my heart to here, that was just unbelievable.

The Neaglis told abc13 they're praying for a miracle and praying someone returns the backpack.

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