Young boy only survivor in deadly triple shooting in Ft. Bend Co.

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Young boy only survivor in deadly triple shooting in Fort Bend County, Kevin Quinn reports. (KTRK)

A young boy may be the only one who knows what led up to a fatal shooting that killed three in Fort Bend County. Homicide investigators are working to determine what caused a man to murder his wife, adult son and then kill himself.

The attack happened Tuesday night around 8:30 in the 8200 block of Aliso Canyon.

The Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office have identified the victims as Edris Edris, 24, and Sofya Ali, 33, who died of apparent gunshot wounds. A third family member, Ali Edris, 58, also suffered gunshot wounds and was transported to Hermann Memorial in the Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead. Edris Edris would have turned 25 years old Wednesday.

Authorities say preliminary results indicate Edris Edris and Sofya Ali were fatally shot by Ali Edris, before he turned the gun on himself.

VIDEO: Sheriff Troy Nehls describes 'sad' shooting
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Sheriff Troy Nehls describes what deputies found at the scene of the triple shooting

Neighbors who hardly knew Edris Edris took a moment to mark his birthday by placing flowers and balloons outside the home.

"I feel like I would want the same thing done to me," said Cristel Parraga.

Ali Edras and his wife

Edris Edris

One neighbor tells Eyewitness News she saw a text message which Ali Edris allegedly sent a relative before the attack where he asked for help caring for his 8-year-old son. At that point, no one knew why.

Neighbor Gustavo Parraga said he saw Ali Edris come home Tuesday night.

"To see that the manner in which he came home, he seemed a little bothered," Parraga said.

He said Edris pulled up, got out of his car, and while still on the phone, headed inside. Simultaneously, Parraga said the son, Edris Edris, came out the front. That's when Parraga said he heard a gunshot inside.

"When he heard the gunshot he ran back inside," he said of Edris Edris.

VIDEO: Family friend describes man, wife and son who died
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Motive is still not known in the deadly shooting of a husband, wife and son in Fort Bend County

Parraga said he didn't see or hear anything for about five minutes. At that point, he said he then he heard two more shots - one after the other. That's when he said he watched in disbelief as a little boy ran outside to a neighbor's home for help.

"Everybody that's on the street, we're all pretty much speechless," Parraga said.

Deputies removed a handgun from the home and said they were not looking for any additional suspects. They have not said what motivated the attack, or why Ali Edris might have spared the life of his 8-year-old son after killing the boy's mother and step brother.

Neighbors said the family is from Ethiopia, and kept to themselves. Annie Mendoza described the family as 'really' friendly, and that she feels scared for the child's well being after this frightening shooting.

"This is a good family, very nice guy, his wife, his son, very good family," Kenuz Igu said. "We don't know what happened, we love them so much."

Igu says the husband was a 57-year-old taxi cab driver who "loved his wife very much." Edris Edris was set to start a new job as a medical assistant next Monday.

The 8-year-old boy is now in the care of his relatives.

VIDEO: Courtney Fischer reports from murder scene
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Three people are dead after a shooting this morning in Fort Bend County. Courtney Fischer reports.

ORIGINAL REPORT: 2 dead, 1 injured in triple shooting
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Two dead. one injured in Fort Bend County shooting, Tracy Clemons reports.

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