Man is arrested and accused of touching himself in an H-E-B parking lot

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Man arrested in flashing incident in HEB parking lot.

Robin Moran was just finishing her shopping at the HEB in Tomball Sunday afternoon, when she noticed a man sitting in his car, pleasing himself.

"He was actually in the passenger seat," recalled Moran, who also remembered the man smiling, and apparently recording everything on a cell phone.

Shocked by what was happening in front of her, she jumped into action.

First, she got inside her truck. "I then rolled down my window and took a picture, just like this," she said.

"I told him I'll be sure to let everyone on Facebook know."

Moran did more than that. She alerted workers at the HEB. The man then drove away in his car. Moran posted her experience on Facebook, and messaged Tomball Police directly, also via their Facebook page.

Within hours, her post was shared hundreds of times. By Tuesday morning, Tomball police knew exactly who he was.

"Social media was an absolute asset in this case," Tomball Police Captain Rick Grassi said. "The subject's face was clearly displayed in the photograph, the vehicle was there."

Coincidentally, Kenneth Wayne Young, 42, was pulled over at a traffic stop just a few hours later. Officers recognized him from the ongoing investigation and took him in for questioning.

"He did admit to being that subject in the parking lot exposing himself," Grassi said.

Police then conducted a photo line-up with Moran where he picked out Young as the suspect. Young, who has a long list of other criminal offenses, is now charged with indecent exposure.

As for Moran, she is just relieved her quick thinking helped police find their man.

"I carry a gun with me. He's lucky I pulled out my camera."

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