Boy with leukemia and lymphoma scores touchdown of his dreams

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Boy with leukemia and lymphoma beating his own physical limitations and scored the touchdown of a lifetime. (KTRK)

On the football field, obstacles are meant to be tackled. One little boy from League City with cancer, tackled a major obstacle when he pushed his body past its physical limits to score the touchdown of his dreams.

All of his life, eight-year-old Dawson Jones has dreamed of one thing - the chance to play football. But Dawson was diagnosed with leukemia and lymphoma which prevented him from ever hitting the gridiron. Instead, he would go to games, sit in the stands and watch as his sister cheered for the boys who played the sport he could only imagine joining in his fantasy.

But on Saturday, all of that changed.

The 10 and 11-year-old boys of the League City 49ers, asked Dawson to get in the game. The boys gave Dawson a game jersey and allowed him to suit up.

"With the help from the Southbelt Dolphins we made Dawson's dream come true with a 25 yard TD run," said 49ers coach, David Hinkle.

As Dawson ran across the field, he reminded everyone his spirit and courage are stronger than ever, despite the obstacles his body faces.

One mother in the stands, Jennifer Morey Ryden, described the special moment on Facebook.

"Never have I cried at the football field until today," wrote Ryden.

Hinkle and the team have received a lot of praise on social media for making Dawson's dream come true.

"Dawson is an amazing boy with such a positive attitude," said Hinkle. "(We) pray that Dawson wins his battle against cancer! Dawson keep up the fight and we love you buddy!"

If you want to help Dawson in his battle with cancer, his family has created a GoFundMe page.

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