Questions remain after dad found not guilty in baby's death

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Willie Wilson has been found not guilty in the 2014 death of his baby.

"What's done in the dark will come to light. God will reveal it in his time."

Great great aunt Ella Perkins is struggling with all the questions.

The family of a baby presumed dead are left without answers after the boy's father was found not guilty in his 2014 murder.

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Jurors deliberated for about six hours Friday before finding Willie Wilson not guilty.

Baby Delano went missing back in August 2014.

Investigators say Wilson told them he was the victim of a robbery and that two people kidnapped the baby.

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Delano was the subject of an Amber Alert. Volunteers and law enforcement searched for the baby, but the infant's body was never found.

Forensic investigators say they did find some interesting searches on Wilson's smartphone however which led to charges in the baby's disappearance.

Wilson allegedly searched the internet about child abductions.

Paired with surveillance video which failed to prove Wilson's story about the robbery, investigators felt they had enough to charge the baby's father.

The murder case got started on Monday. Prosecutors told jurors possible blood evidence was found in the family's home and on a baby blanket.

Still, it was not enough for the jury to find Wilson guilty.

Now baby Delano's family is left to wonder what actually happened to the boy.

"He was on all the websites. I could assume that maybe he gave it to someone, or perhaps he sold it to someone, but he got something to do with my missing Delano," says Ella Perkins.

Deputy prosecutor Denise Robinson acknowledged that the jury did its job. The investigation is closed, but they're still not done looking.

Robinson says IMPD will continue to search for Delano's body.

The baby's mother, Taniasha Perkins, was not charged in the case.

Defense attorneys say the case against Willie Wilson meantime was largely circumstantial with no body or a crime scene.

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