ONLY ON 13: Brazoria Co. judge apologizes after heckling umpire in baseball tournament

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Judge issues apology after heckling umpire at baseball game, Lauren Lea reports.

A Brazoria county judge is apologizing after he was caught on camera yelling profanities and heckling an umpire during a September baseball game. Jeremy Warren, Brazoria County Court at Law #3 judge, admits he shouldn't have acted that way and says this all started because of a game-ending call the umpire made and a confrontation that followed.

You can't see him in the video, but what he says is unmistakable. He yells curse words at an umpire, calls him a racist and says he will never work again -- ever. The video was captured at a Marucci Elite Houston tournament on Sept. 25.

"You're the liar. Bring it. Angleton, Texas. County Court #3. You suck," Warren can be heard yelling in the video.

"I regret that I heckled him, but I regret that he threatened me and called me a liar too," Warren said on Thursday.

Warren says he lost his cool because of a confrontation with the umpire, following a call in a game he was coaching earlier that day. A video camera also captured the call in question, when the umpire named Johnathan called Warren's runner out.

"When I asked the umpire why the runner was out, he explained to me the runner took a malicious swing at the catcher, like he tried to hit him," Warren said.

The call cost Warren's select team the game and the chance to move on to the championship game.

An email that appears to be from Marucci management says the video shows a different outcome than the call the umpire made. It also says he won't call games at the facility anymore. Eyewitness News reached out to the sender and the facility's general manager and haven't heard back. Eyewitness News was also unable to reach the umpire.

Warren's words in the video are raising eyebrows.

"That's really bad treatment of anybody. Any person shouldn't be treated like that at all," Juan Villagomez said.

"That was very unnecessary for them to say anything like that, especially that there's kids around," Paola Ortiz said.

Warren says he later apologized to the parents and the team where he was heckling.

"I told the boys they should never see an adult act like that. I didn't set a good example for them."

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