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Rescued dog faces long road to recovery

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Authorities are looking for an animal cruelty suspect who left a dog near death earlier this week.

A chocolate lab rescued by Harris County's Animal Cruelty deputies remains in critical condition.

"It's a touch-and-go situation at least for the first seven to ten days," said Dr. Catalina Thurstin.

The dog, who has been named Bella, is at the Houston Humane Society for now. Doctors believe she is between six and ten months old.

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Precinct 5 deputies spent the day searching for the dog's owner. She was found Tuesday in a northeast Houston home, lying on a pile of soiled laundry.

She is suffering from severe mange and intestinal issues.

"They cannot reach out for help on their own," explained Deputy Charles Jantzen. "They're dependent on society to make the call on their behalf."

Deputy Jantzen is hoping to collect enough information in the next few days to file criminal charges against Bella's owner.

"As our theory develops, we want to come back here and talk to people," he explained. "I don't live here, these folks do, and they're going to know best."

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