Complaints over vaccine letter sent to Ft. Bend ISD Parents

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Complaints over vaccine letter sent to Ft. Bend ISD parents.

"Texans for Vaccine Choice" sent the Fort Bend County Independent School District a cease and desist letter over its flu shot program. The campaign, called "Kick the Flu" is organized by Healthy Schools and the E3 Alliance.

At issue is the wording on the consent forms which went home with children.
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The form listed two options for parents to consider:

"YES, I Want To Help Protect My Family And Community From Flue By Allowing My Child To Receive a Flu Vaccine!" or

"NO, I DO NOT wish to help protect my child and community by allowing my child to participate(reason)."

Jackie Schlegel, director for Texans for Vaccine Choice, said parents felt bullied by the letter. "Parents were confused about whether they needed to return the forms," Schlegel said. "They felt pressured to provide information to Healthy Schools."

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Healthy Schools did not return a request for comment.

The Fort Bend Independent School District released the following statement to abc13.

"Fort Bend ISD has partnered with Healthy Schools and the E3 Alliance to improve student health and reduce absenteeism by providing no-cost flu vaccinations to our families. Participation is completely optional. Through the partnership with the organizations, the vaccinations are provided at no cost to the parent or the District.

The attached forms and flyers were sent to all parents at the beginning of the school year. We regret that they were sent directly by the E3 Alliance and Healthy Schools to our campuses, and we did not review the language prior to their distribution.

Upon hearing some concerns from parents at the beginning of the school year, FBISD expressed our disappointment to the provider, and requested revisions to the consent form. Our intent is to assist families by giving them access to a vaccine that may have not otherwise been readily available, and we certainly do not want to cast judgement on anyone who chooses not to participate. The revised consent form was sent to nurses to distribute at the beginning of September.

Above all else, we want to stress that parents have the ability to opt-in to this program, and it is completely optional. We recognize the importance of improving communication in the future in regards to this program."

Take a look at the language used in the forms.

Explanation of "Kick the flu" initiative from Healthy Schools.

Original seasonal flu vaccine consent form

Revised season flu vaccine consent form (with language changes)

CHECK OUT LOCAL VACCINATION RATES: Conscientious exemptions by school district as reported to the Texas Department of State Health Services.

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