Boy shot while playing soccer talks about neighborhood shooting

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11-year-old boy shot speaks about neighborhood shooting, Tracy Clemons reports. (KTRK)

The Cerda brothers were about to play soccer with a friend when their lives changed in an instant. They'd only been outside for about five minutes Monday when investigators say a group of about 10-15 teenage boys fought in the middle of Grand Linden Court.

"They didn't punch or anything. They started saying things and they took out the guns and shot," he tells Eyewitness News.

Oscar Jr., 11, was shot in his lower leg. His six-year-old brother, Daniel, was shot right above the knee.

"I wanted to help my little brother, but I just couldn't stand up," says Oscar Jr. "He was in pain."

"One of his bones, the bullet went in through it and broke one of his bones and cut one of the veins in half completely," explains their father, Oscar Cerda Sr.

He had to be rushed into surgery. Oscar Cerda Sr. tells us he and his wife have been by their little boy's bedside non-stop since Monday.

"I know that happened to my kids. But I don't want any other parents to live what we're living," he said.

A spokesman with the Harris County Sheriff's Office says one of the teens involved in the fight was shot in the foot. A bullet grazed another one in the back. We're told nine teens were detained, but the big question investigators have is who actually shot the brothers. We're told one has been charged for something unrelated, but no one has been charged in this shooting.

"I don't know where they need to be, but we want justice. We don't want to pretend that this never happened. We want justice on these kids," added Oscar Sr.

He tells us this won't scare them away from their home. They just want the neighborhood to be safe again.

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