Uber driver allegedly denies blind man, guide dog

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A man claims he was denied an Uber ride because of his service dog. (KTRK)

An Uber driver has been suspended after allegations that the driver denied an MTSU student a ride after arriving to pick him up, finding out he was blind, and not allowing his guide dog inside of her car.

Thomas Jones, who has retinitis pigmentosa, said he takes Uber all the time due to his inability to see well enough to drive.

On Sunday, Jones took an Uber to Walmart to get groceries and dog food for his guide dog, Blake, but when he ordered an Uber to leave Walmart, the Uber driver allegedly told Jones that the dog could not ride in the car unless it was in a cage.

"Usually when they pull up, I just open the door and he gets in and I get in behind him," Jones said of his dog Blake, during normal Uber rides.

Jones said the Uber driver at Walmart ended up canceling his trip and driving away, leaving him stranded with no ride.

Jones called police who arrived on scene, and he filed a police report before the officers drove him home.

Representatives from Uber said drivers have to review and agree to guidelines before giving rides. One of those guidelines is that service animals should always be allowed in Uber cars.

Uber is currently looking into the incident in Murfreesboro with Jones, and if they find that the Uber driver did indeed deny a ride to Jones based on the fact that he had a service dog, then they will revoke the driver's ability to drive for Uber.

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