Inside the Houston Weslayan shooting: Witnesses, victims share their stories

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Rampage victim speaks from hospital bed

For several people commuting to work through a southwest Houston neighborhood, Monday morning turned into a nightmare.

One minute Kevin Chap was kissing his wife and children goodbye, the next he was surrounded by gunfire.

Ryan Kaylor says he was on his way to work on Monday. He had recently started a new job. He saw fire trucks in the road and was trying to go around.
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Victims hit by bullets through car windows, grateful to be alive

"I pulled into a neighborhood to go around what I thought was a car accident, and I had no idea there was a shooting going on at that time. I got around the fire trucks," said Ryan Kaylor.

After getting around the trucks, he quickly learned it was not an accident, but an active shooting situation. Kaylor said he had his hands on the wheel when a bullet went through his passenger window, striking him in the forearm.
"Real loud noise. It freaked me out. A bad feeling came over me. I realized I'd been hit," said Kaylor.

Disgruntled lawyer injures 9 in strip center shooting

He was one of the victims who was rushed to the hospital.
Nine people were injured in Monday morning's shooting in southwest Houston.
A total of three patients were transported to Memorial Hermann Hospital and were later discharged. Two patients remained with one in good condition, while another remains in critical condition.

Jennifer and Alan Wakim. Alan Wakim was shot in this morning's gunfire.

Three other people were treated and released at the scene.
"The bullets did not stop. They would not stop," Jennifer Molleda, wife of one of the people who was shot at, Alan Wakim, said. He was on his way to work at 6:12am.

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The wife of a victim in this morning's active shooting discusses the moments after her husband was hit

"They were getting louder and louder as I was looking out the window to try to maybe help the police with the direction of who this person is, did you see him, where did he go? I could just hear the bullets whizzing through - by my window," Molleda said. "Finally the bullets stopped. And I realized something must have happened. I was on the phone constantly with my best friend...they said, 'Jenn they got the shooter, he's down.' Immediately got my clothes on what I could and ran to try to find my husband, found him, he's safe, he's right now at Methodist Hospital," she told abc13 on Monday morning.

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A woman tells abc13 about the shooting this morning in southwest Houston

Molleda recalled to abc13, "Gunshots must have been going on for quite some time. I thought after so many rounds the shots would stop, but because this gentleman must have multiple rounds on him, it just kept going on up until a little after 7:15."

Molleda said her husband is safe, but his face was grazed by a bullet. "I'm hoping everybody else is safe. There were a couple of other instances where the shooter was truly trying to kill. It was pure intent. The shooter was literally pointing the gun in windshields and shooting people's faces. That's exactly what it was. There (were) no shots in tires, no shots alongside the cars, but literally, pure intent."

Carolyn Allen, who was also shot at during the rampage, was driving through the area at the same time when a bullet went through the front of her windshield.

"When the glass covered me, you don't even know what it is. It wasn't until, I knew almost immediately I was bleeding because I could feel the blood on my face," said Allen.

The bullet narrowly missed her head. She was treated for minor cuts. As for Kaylor, he was released from the hospital Monday afternoon.
"I'm still in shock. I'm still coming to the realization what happened, it may sink in worse tomorrow. I'm sure this is going to ache more tomorrow," he said pointing to his arm.
He's just grateful it wasn't worse.

SEE MORE: Other witnesses also shared their experiences on abc13. Watch their accounts of the morning's shooting below:

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A victim of today's shooting in southwest Houston recalls the moment her vehicle was hit

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Marla Carter talks about the shooting in southwest Houston with one of the survivors

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A boy who lives in the area where the active shooter situation happened shares what he heard

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A father says he feels blessed after avoiding the active shooter situation in southwest Houston

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