Thieves caught on camera breaking into car in Spring

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Thieves breaking into cars in Spring neighborhood

A Spring family who installed a security system because of neighborhood car burglaries recorded men breaking into their SUV less than 48 hours after the cameras started rolling.

Surveillance video from after 1am Sunday shows two men casing the street in the Country Lake Estates neighborhood, off Louetta and Kuykendahl Road. One of them takes his time rummaging through the family's SUV, which the mother accidentally left unlocked overnight.

They stole a toddler's DVD player and, 20 minutes later, opened the garage door with the stolen remote, which set off the alarm and woke up the family inside.

"I was freaked out," the mom said when they realized what was happening. "You've got a two-year-old sleeping in the next room, there's just so much going through your head whenever something like that happens."

She wants to remain anonymous but wants her neighbors to stay alert. Her husband looked out the front window in time to see a black sedan driving off. The criminals never tried to get inside the home, but this family worries about what could have happened.

"They did take our garage door opener. That's the biggest lesson. I usually just leave that on my visor in my car. Never again. I will always take that inside."

This mom is also going to double check her car locks from now on. She and her husband reported the crime to the Harris County Precinct 4 Constable's office and they're working with neighbors to compare security footage to try to catch these guys.

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