Any other problems? County auditors regularly pry open evidence room doors

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Ted Oberg takes a look across the county on evidence issues at Constable's offices. (KTRK)

Following reports of evidence issues in a second Harris County Constables' office, abc13 looked countywide to see how wide-spread the problems may be. Harris County auditors routines show up at constable's offices unannounced and unexpected asking to see a random sample of evidence that should be easily located on property room shelves. It is a routine test, but the exact one that identified recent issues at Precinct 7 Constable May Walker's office.

The county auditor turned over its most recent reports on every Harris County Constable's office property room today. It is largely good news, but not problem free.

Here is our summary:

PRECINCT 1 - The last audit was done here more than three years ago after a leadership change. At that time (November 8, 2013), auditors found missing items, items noted in databases not found on shelves and other inconsistent reporting. That was all before Constable Alan Rosen took over. Today Rosen tells abc13 all Precinct 1 evidence is tagged, tracked. He says nothing is missing.

PRECINCT 2- Again the last audit here was three years ago on June 7, 2013. Auditors then said 86 items of evidence were either not found or not recorded properly. Precinct 2 did not return calls for comment late today.

PRECINCT 3 - An audit on July 15, 2016 reported more than 2000 property items noted in databases could not be found on property room shelves. An exhaustive effort to clean up that room has whittled the number to fewer than 500. Precinct 2 management is convinced none of them are related to active criminal cases. Leadership blames the errors on a lack of proper policies and is currently retraining staff.

PRECINCT 4 - An audit in May 2015 following a change in leadership did not identify evidence concerns. Months later the well-reported evidence issues surfaced.

PRECINCT 5 - An audit of June 24, 2016 found no issues.

PRECINCT 6 - An audit in May 2015 identified numerous issues that existed when Victor Trevino left office (following his guilty plea). The current constable claims they have been reviewed and fixed. He continues to work with the Harris County Sheriff about possibly transferring the evidence room responsibility there.

PRECINCT 7 - An audit recently uncovered issues. The audit is not finalized yet.

PRECINCT 8 - An audit of August 25, 2016 found no issues.

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