Local college grads putting H-Town on the map with their electric sports car

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Local grads putting Houston on the map with electric sports car. (KTRK)

While we don't have flying cars yet, there are vehicles on the market today that allow you to bypass every gas station on the road. Tesla has been at the forefront with zero emission technology, but a group of recent college grads is looking to put Houston on the map with their high-end electronic luxury sports car.

Lumen Motors started back in the summer of 2014. It's a Houston-based company that's in the process of designing a unique and powerful zero emissions sports car from the ground up.

University of Houston grad, 22-year-old founder and CEO, Juan Gallegos said, "it kind of started out from when I was a kid with this crazy passion of cars."

Gallegos says his team is in the design stages right now.

"Our goal is to start deliveries by the end of 2018, to early 2019," Gallegos said.

Like Tesla, Lumen Motors first vehicle won't need a drop of gasoline.

"From the very beginning we knew we wanted to all electric vehicles," Gallegos explained.

As far as competition, they're targeting the high-end luxury market like Ashton Martin, Rolls Royce, Bentley and Tesla. But the difference is, Lumen Motors is fulfilling your need for speed.

"We're looking at 0-60 in about 3.2 seconds. And a top speed of about 190 mph," Gallegos said. "Instant power, instant torque, so that allows you to have really superb acceleration."

According to Chief Technology Officer, Ashur Fields, designing a luxurious electronic sports car from scratch is no simple task.

"From how's we're going to run the wiring and how that's going to integrate with say the motor control unit, and how that's going to talk to the battery control system," Fields said.

As time gets closer to start building, the plan is to keep it local.

"All the manufacturing is going to be here in Houston," Gallegos said. "Our goal is to hire about 200-250 individuals that will be complete experts on small details like stitching, paint job."

For the first year's production, Lumen Motors is hoping to roll out only 249 vehicles. A limited release, with a high end price point.

"And right now for sticker price we're looking at about 195 to 215 thousand dollars," according to Gallegos.

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