Goal Kitty's got her paws in the air and its 'pawsitively' adorable

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One cat is an internet star because she loves to raise the roof. (KTRK)

One cat is an internet star because she loves to raise the roof. The black and white cat, whose real name is Keys, has a habit of putting her paws up enthusiastically in the air and its 'pawsitively' adorable. Her 'purr-fect' pose looks like she is celebrating a sports goal. Her owner, Peter Mares, decided to give her the nickname "goal kitty" as a tribute to her unique talent.

Keys is a rescue kitten and has been apart of Mares' life since she was 11-weeks-old. However, he didn't discover her celebratory stance until much later.

"Around Keys' second year, during my summer vacation, as she would wait for me to wake up, she stretched into the morning sun through the blinds," said Mares. "I thought that was an awesome image, as I was laying in the bed. I would keep my cell phone next to the bed charging (and) hoped that she would do it again the next morning, as she sat waiting for me. Then she did! I had my cell phone ready and snapped a pretty good shot."

Mares said the next day, Keys raised her paws again to stretch and he decided to give her a reward - coconut oil.

"That's how it all started with her love of coconut oil. Now, she'll do it anytime I take out my cell phone, although a few times she won't do it," said Mares. "(However) sometimes she'll wake up and star stretching up for me to star the 'photo shoot' so she can have her coconut oil fix."

Keys has a lot of reasons beyond coconut oil to celebrate her life.

"Keys knows when I am serving myself ice cream and will run into the kitchen from outside to get her share," said Mares. "She also catches birds, even though she was an indoor cat for three years."

The internet loves Keys' enthusiasm and Mares created an Instagram page to showcase her 'cat-leticism." Fans loved the page so much, they started to photoshop Keys into their own 'un-furr-gettable' moments.

To see more of Keys, check out her Instagram page here, and her Twitter here.
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