Abundance of Japanese adult virgins push nation into crisis

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Japan is a country in crisis because many adults are not having sex (KTRK)

Japan, with its rich history and technological prowess, is also flush with adults who remain virgins well into their 40s.

That is the surprising revelation of a new Japanese government study which found more than 40 percent of adults in that country have yet to do the deed.

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A new study on virtual flirting finds the more emojis singles use, the more likely they are to hook up.

Sadly, the lack of sex is now creating a crisis in the world's third largest economy.

What the study isn't able to conclude is why.

In Tokyo's famous red light district Kabukicho, you can find print and multimedia resources to cater to every sexual fetish and interest.

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Part of that access to pornographic material and extensive focus on fantasies may be why some adults are opting out of the real thing, residents say.

Takashi Sakai, 41, said he is employed at a good job, lives a healthy lifestyle, and has never kissed a girl so much as had sex with her.

Sakai, which is not his real name, even confesses he hasn't even had a relationship.

He's not alone.

Students at an art class say their participation brings them the closest they've ever been to a naked woman.

The nude art class help students feel more comfortable with their own sexuality; there is even a textbook specifically for the class virgins to help them break down walls keeping them from expressing their sexuality.

These students blame everything from the stagnate economy to personal preference for why they are sexless.

The lack of sex is doing more than harming the self esteem and well being of some Japanese adults.

Organizers for the nude art class say the disconnect between these people and their sexual selves has meant fewer relationships, record low birthrates, and a shrinking population.

"By solving the virgin problem, I think we can solve many other social problems related to sex," says class organizer Shingo Sakatsume.

But for now, Takashi Sakai says he is waiting.

"I always have hope. I keep having hope."

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