Best ways to pick the fastest line at the grocery store

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Patricia Lopez has tips on finding the fastest line at the grocery store.

For anyone who has ever had to stand in line here are some tips from experts for picking the line that will move the fastest.

First, get behind a shopper who has a full cart.

It doesn't seem to make sense but each person requires a fixed amount to say hello, pay, say goodbye and move out of the lane.

More people, even with less stuff, means more time.

Next, check for multiple items.

You aren't trying to be nosy but if they have multiples on one thing, the scanning process will go faster versus having a lot of produce with many different SKUs to punch in.

Go to the left for faster service.

Experts say most people are right-handed and tend to veer to the right.

Also, if you have a choice between a single line and multiple cashiers and just a bunch of lines, choose the single line.

Research shows this is typically faster and in some studies 3 times faster.

Lastly, avoid obstruction.

If you find yourself in a line that snakes around a corner or where the cashier's view of the number of customers is obstructed by a wall or a shelf, be prepared for a longer wait, one study found.

The study, released in June, noted that obstructions hinder the feedback cashiers get from seeing how their work thins the line.

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