Neighbors say Houston bomb plot suspect was a loner

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A Houston man was arrested over an alleged plot to bomb a local building, FBI officials say.

The bomb plot suspect accused of trying to purchase explosives lived inside the warehouse where he repaired boats and kept to himself, according to neighbors.

Cary Ogborn, 50, was arrested at his business in southeast Houston Friday. He appeared in front of a federal magistrate Monday, was appointed a public defender and received a bond hearing date.

The criminal complaint claims Ogborn used an online marketplace to try to buy explosives anonymously using Bitcoin. The seller turned out to be an undercover FBI agent. Ogborn was arrested after he received fake explosive in the mail, according to the complaint.

Charles Blair works near Ogborn's business and said he's had confrontations with Ogborn about him leaving equipment in the road.

"I thought something was funny about it," he said.

He said he thought criminal activity was possible of Ogborn, but said the accusations are shocking.

"Maybe doing something other illegal, but you never know. If somebody is gonna do something illegal, they'll do anything illegal," he said.

Shawn Weiss also works nearby. He said Ogborn was private but generally friendly.

"He knows how to put stuff together. Engines, boats, motors and electronics," he said.

Weiss said the bomb plot accusations are far-fetched and seem out of character for Ogborn.

Details of his alleged targets are unclear.

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