Local teen with one hand dominates on football field

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Bryce Dowling is 13-years-old and a linebacker for his 8th grade team at Arnold Middle School. (KTRK)

Bryce Dowling has sure grown up since the last time we saw him.

We first introduced you to him in 2012, when he was a hard hitting 9-year-old linebacker.

Now, he is 13-years-old, and the linebacker for his 8th grade team at Arnold Middle School.

The way Bryce plays football, you'd never know he is missing his left hand.

In fact, when he was younger, his father tried to talk him into swimming, but Bryce had other plans.

In 2012, Bryce said, "I saw football on TV and told my dad that I wanted to play football because I thought I could do all those things. And I thought I'd be great at it. "

Four years later, Bryce still thinks the same way, "Yea, football I love it. It's my favorite sport."

Everywhere he goes, Bryce wins people over by his work-ethic. "I'm fortunate enough to coach him in football, basketball, he also does track, he does the shotput and discus," says Head Coach, Blake Fisher. "He comes out every single day, and works with purpose."

As for disability, Bryce doesn't look at as a hindrance. In fact, he thinks it's a gift.

"Yea, it's never really stopped me from doing much," says Dowling. "I do it as well or better than other people do with two arms."

We learned four years ago that Bryce loves to initiate contact, and that still holds true.

"When people see me, they don't expect much from me. I go up and hit them and they don't expect it. They change what they think about me."

Bryce's goal is to keep playing football, and maybe even make it to the NFL, like his favorite player, JJ Watt.

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