SAY CHEESE? DPS trooper under investigation after DWI suspect took selfie inside cruiser

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DPS trooper in trouble after DWI suspect took selfie inside cruiser, Lauren Lea reports. (KTRK)

A Galveston County Department of Public Safety Trooper is under investigation after a woman who was under arrest for DWI snapped a selfie in the front passenger seat of his cruiser, with him by her side.

Victoria England, 18, is pictured with her eyes closed, tongue sticking out and she's not handcuffed. She says she didn't take the picture for fun.

"It was more like wow this is really happening and he's actually letting me be on the phone, un-cuffed, taking pictures with him," she explained.

England was pulled over on the Gulf Freeway on July 23 in Dickinson. She admits to not having a license and failing a breathalyzer test.

"I remember everything that happened, especially something this serious, that's not something you forget," she said.

However, before she was taken to jail, England says the trooper brought her to a Jack in the Box in Galveston to meet up with her friends.

"We got tacos and we waited for my friends to get my stuff. I had a watch and earrings on and then my phone," England explained.

She also alleges the trooper made inappropriate comments and inappropriate physical contact.

"I was really stunned and confused as to why somebody from DPS, a state trooper, would act like this," she said.

England says she tracked their journey on her phone, which the Texas Rangers took while interviewing her Thursday.

The trooper has not been charged with a crime.

DPS Lt. Craig Cummings released the following statement Friday:

"The trooper has been assigned to administrative duty pending the outcome of an investigation. No additional information is available at this time."

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