Charred remains of 88-year-old's century-old house vandalized

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An 88-year-old woman's house was robbed after it caught fire, family members say.

On the 4200 block of Spencer Street, you will find all that remains of 88-year-old Carrie Wilson's home.

"[She was] born in this house," said granddaughter Shonda Wilson. "The house is actually over 100 years old."

The house was once built by her father's bare hands. It was consumed by a fire over the weekend.

"It looked like an inferno. It look like the whole home was on fire," said Wilson, reacting to video she received from a neighbor across the street.

"[I'm] devastated. How did this happen? Why did it happen?" she said.

Not only are investigators telling the family the fire was possibly intentionally set, but on Tuesday someone broke in and stole the only remaining valuables Carrie had left, Wilson said.

"How dare you how dare you come back a second time," said Wilson.

In spite of all her loses, Carrie remains optimistic.

"She's a powerful woman. She's short in stature, but she's strong in might," said Wilson.

The Wilsons say they are blessed their grandmother was out of town the weekend of the fire. They believe someone was looking out for her -- and one thing that remained inside the home, they said, is proof.

"Everything around the Bible was burned," said Wilson.

That Bible was still intact and was open. A crystal of church was laying on top.

"When we looked where it was, it was on Psalm 90 and [it] talks about your dwelling place," said Wilson. "We just know that was God as well,"

While their grandmother is heartbroken, they believe their faith will help them move on.

"We're praying to rebuild yes we are," she said.

Carrie's family has set up a GoFundMe campaign to help her relocate.

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