Family of Pakistani girl in need of a lung transplant hoping for a miracle

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Family from Pakistan in need for daughter's operation

The slow, steady sound of a ventilator is always present at one apartment near the Texas Medical Center. The machine is helping Junaid Iqbal's daughter, Maira, to live with the lung disease, cystic fibrosis.

"We came here, everything left behind, my job, my family, my home, everything," Iqbal said.

Maira was born in the family's home country of Pakistan, but was always sick. In need of more advanced care, the family brought her last year to Texas Children's Hospital, hoping for a lung transplant.

"We know that she's a fighter really, so they realized she can live, but she needs a transplant," Iqbal said.

As an international patient without health insurance, the family says they must raise
$1.8 million for the transplant.

"We have no options, we have an only child, and we want to save her," the father said.

Maira is bright-eyed, learning English, and beyond her illness. Iqbal just sees a little girl who wants to grow up and do the things other kids do. It's their dream, for her to go back to Pakistan healthy. "We hope that she'll survive, " he said.

For more information about Maira's condition, or to donate check out their donation website.

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