Gator captured after chasing kids through Florida neighborhood

It was a wild game of gator versus neighborhood kids. A five-foot, wayward alligator found its way into a Florida play area and was reportedly chasing children.

But now, the dangerous game is now over.

Brenda Mike describes the horrifying sight she witnessed in the Booker Park neighborhood of Indiantown.

"Yeah, scary, running (at) them kids," Mike, a parent said. "And we seen the gator coming out at the two kids."

Mike called the Martin County, Florida sheriff's office.

"I took a little barbecue sauce cup, and threw it in there. I mean he snapped at that cup. So what was he going to do to the kids?"

Deputy Jason Hickman responded. He said by the time he arrived, the 4-to 5-foot gator was back in the water.

"They can still do damage at that size. You know, they're curious when they're around that size. We called a local trapper and had him on his way, while we stood around and basically kept the gator in the water and kept the kids away from the gator. Because they were curious and wanted to go up there and see the gator," Hickman said.

Hickman said he helped the trapper tape the gator's mouth shut. The trapper took the animal to a gator farm in Okeechobee County, Florida.

"And the gator is going to be fine. No kids were hurt, that's the good thing. It's a win win for both."

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