The Baby Workout: Fun exercises to do with your baby

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This simple workout will help you lose weight, tone muscles and have fun with your baby! (KTRK)

There's no doubt, it's hard to squeeze exercise into your day when you're busy caring for a baby. To stay motivated, sometimes its best to join forces with other moms and personal trainer Hilary Hall, also happens to have a baby. She came up with a workout you can do with your baby that will make you feel the burn!

1. Frog Pop Push Ups Kiss: Lie baby on the floor with their feet in between your legs. Squat down, then lay your hands out on the floor shoulder width apart and hop your legs back into a plank. The baby should be right underneath you. Push up and kiss your baby. After you push up, jump your legs back in to a squat position and repeat for one minute.

2. Military Crawl Over Baby: With baby lying in the same position, get into a plank position on your forearms. Military crawl up for counts over baby and give baby a kiss. Then, military crawl back for four counts and repeat for one minute.

3. Squat Jump Touch Downs Tickle: Keep baby lying on the floor. Stand behind baby with your feet together. Jump into a squat position with your legs hip-width apart. Lean over and tickle baby's tummy, and then jump bringing legs back together. Repeat for one minute.

4. One-Legged Bridge Lifts with Baby: Lie down on your back, legs bent, and feet on the ground. Put baby on their tummy one shin. With the other leg, lift up into a bridge and lower. Lift and lower with baby on one leg for thirty seconds and repeat on the other side.

5. Iso Squat-to-Kneel Down Holding Baby: Holding baby in front of you, kneel down on both knees. Stand up starting with right leg, then left and squat with baby. Then kneel down and repeat starting with the left side. Repeat this for one minute.

Expect this to NOT go as planned because you never know what's going to happen with a baby, but you'll feel the burn!

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