Houstonian captured on Google Maps with wet spot on his pants

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Google Street View brings local man unwanted notoriety. (KTRK)

It happens to everyone, a bad photo you wish wasn't taken.

One man's bad day has been immortalized on Google Maps.

It happened to the manager of Flying Saucer Draught Emporium Joshua Justice.

Justice was captured on 'Street View' standing on a corner and appears to have had an accident in his pants.

Houstonian insists he spilled cleaner on himself and was standing outside to dry his pants in the sun.

"I saw the Google car coming down the street and had about a split second to decide whether or not I was going to turn and run or just stand there and kind of take it and stand my ground," Justice told ABC 13.

Joshua's face is blurred in the picture, but he said all his coworkers immediately recognized him.