Tips on using frequent-flier miles

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Flying tips to save money

If you are looking to cash in your frequent flier miles -- it can be tough to get the most out of them.
Many airlines now only give you credit for the dollars you spend -- instead of the miles you travel. talked with experts about how to get the most out of the miles with it being harder to get rewards.

First, skip the upgrades. Many airlines make you pay for them, instead of using points. And that could cancel out the deal.
Next, break it down. Experts say to look at travel as two one-way legs. That way you can look at the saver-tickets. They have limited availability, but the anytime tickets usually cost double the points.

Also, check the airlines partners. Some still give you points for miles. You can accrue miles there, then use them for trips on their partner airlines.

You may also want to re-examine your airline loyalty. Nerd wallet found that if you spend less than $8,600 a year on airline travel, you can earn more rewards with a cash back card than a travel card.

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