Iconic bunny sculpture stolen from jewelry store in the Heights

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Iconic sculpture stolen from jewelry store, Lauren Lea reports. (KTRK)

An iconic bunny sculpture has been stolen from outside a jewelry store in the Heights.

The sign was temporarily being stored behind the "Fly High Little Bunny" store at W. 19th and Rutland before the artist was going to refurbish it and install it outside. It had proudly stood above the previous location on Shepherd for 20 years.

"Sadly, (I'm) not surprised because I just know that pretty much when you leave stuff outside, it gets taken," owner Cody Reaves said.

The sign is just as unique as the hand-made jewelry they sell.

"This was the logo used to make the sign and he did an amazing job and it was perfect," Reaves said while pointing to a t-shirt.

The artist, Spencer Elliott, was about to refurbish it and install it outside the building, but sometime Tuesday night or early Wednesday morning, it disappeared. With the sculpture being 8 feet tall and weighing 500 pounds, there's no way this bunny hopped off on its own.

"You have to have a trailer. You have to have multiple people," Reaves said.

They reported the theft to police and several scrapyards, and are now working on a reward. They're hoping this tale ends on a positive note and the sign will be returned.

"Hopefully, a scrap yard will see this and it's just sitting in the scrap yard just waiting."

If you have seen the sign or have any information about the theft, call Houston police or the store at (713) 520-9995.

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