Law firm offers to pay for your safe, sober ride this Labor Day

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Law firm offers to pay for your safe, sober ride this Labor Day. (KTRK)

Planning to party this Labor Day weekend? Make sure you have a safe, sober ride.

Houston Law Firm Sutliff & Stout sees they consequences of drunk driving, and now they will pay for your ride. They represent clients like Brandon Patterson, who was severely injured after being hit by a drunk driver after a holiday party.

"So I'm looking back and I see a car coming, and I think it's getting over, it's getting over, and it just never did," Patterson explains about the wreck.

Patterson was pushing his car the Eastex Freeway two years ago, when the driver crashed into him. His children and wife were inside the car and escaped without injury, but he lost a leg. After a year of surgeries and physical therapy, Brandon is back on two feet with a message.

"Just remember, your decision impacts others," he says.

Brandon's lawyers Sutliff and Stout have a program that will pay you to make the right decision.

"You mail us your driver's license, your cab receipt, and then we send you a check," attorney Hank Stout explains.

Since Labor Day last year, they've been covering sober rides during major "drinking holidays," such as St. Patrick's Day and New Year's Eve.

"It is not a victimless crime. People are killed and maimed every day, as a result of people making really bad decisions and getting behind the wheel when they shouldn't," Stout explains.

The firm has spent upwards of $20,000, and say it's worth it to save lives.

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