School's band equipment stolen, man accused of pawning it

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School's band equipment stolen, man accused of pawning it

HISD's Bruce Elementary sits in the Fifth Ward. It is a pretty special for Alecia Adams.

"We have generations that have gone there," said Adams.

Her daughters attended the school, and now her granddaughter. The school is a music magnet school.

A third party contractor says it was hired to help with state testing last year. Vince Greer was one of those contractors. According to his employer, he was a part-time math tutor.

Greer's employer says his contract ended in May, but according to HISD police, he returned twice over the summer to steal instruments.
"They have such an awesome music program. I couldn't see anybody taking anything from that school. Because, when you called me, I was like, 'What'?," said Adams.

Greer allegedly stole two saxophones in July, and then took them to a pawn shop, according to court records. Then one month later, police say Greer stole two more. In all, the four instruments were worth $12,000.

"My son loves the music class, that's just unbelievable," said Sophia Harvey, a parent.

HISD refused an on-camera interview, but did send a statement saying investigators were able to recover some of the stolen items, but not all of them.

13 Eyewitness News stopped by Greer's home for comment. He didn't answer.
The crime is certainly hitting a sour note for parents.

"We have a lot of kids that are under-privileged kids, of course. And to take something from them, that's a lot, because a lot of those parents can't afford those instruments at all," said Adams.

According to court records, Greer used an unauthorized key to gain access to the instruments.

HISD said it's still investigating how Greer allegedly got the key in the first place, especially since he stopped working at the school two months before the crimes are said to have occurred.

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