Parents upset about 'slavery game' lesson plan

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Instruction for the game, where students either escape to freedom or get sent back to a plantation. (KTRK)

A Georgia teacher is in trouble after she led her fifth-grade social studies class through an interactive game about American slavery.

It's being described as a tasteless lesson, especially shocking class's only black student.

The student shared what had happened and the girl's grandmother told WSBTV the social studies class played a game in which they pretended to be slaves escaping to the Underground Railroad.

With a roll of dice, the students decided their fate.

The Cobb County School District eventually released a statement hinting at a possible punishment for the teacher.

"Cheatham Hill administrators were not aware in advance of the activity," the statement said.

"The activity in question was not an approved lesson plan. School officials are taking appropriate personnel action with the teacher."

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