Judge denies bond for teen accused of killing his parents

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A teen accused of killing his parents says a masked man was in the house. Courtney Fischer reports (Family photo)

Two weeks to the day police found his parents bodies in their Bellaire-area home, the Houston teenager accused in their murders was back in court today.

Antonio and Dawn Armstrong were found in bed, both shot in the head.

The 16-year-old has been out of jail once to attend his parents' funerals.

Defense attorney, Rick DeToto said the teen was in court briefly Friday morning, for a routine appearance. The judge denied bond, as was expected. He was again surrounded by a dozen family members and friends, including his grandmother, Antonio Armstrong's mother.

The teen maintains he did not shoot and kill his parents. He is charged with capital murder.

"This young man denies these allegations and there is some evidence there was another person in the house," DeToto said.

For the first time, the teen's attorneys revealed details about what the defense believes happened that night, saying someone else killed the Armstrongs.

The initial police report states the teen told officers he saw a masked man inside the house and heard gunshots. Police say the son called 911 himself, while hiding in a closet.

We asked his attorneys if by "another person" they were referring to the masked man.

"We are not going to get into specific details about the evidence. We are investigating what the evidence has given us," said Chris Collings, defense attorney.

Prosecutors say the son shot his parents in their bed and put pillows over their faces. The gun was found on the kitchen counter next to a note. Multiple sources tell ABC 13 part of that note read, "I've been watching you."

The teen will be back in court next Tuesday.

"He is staying active, he is apparently trying to stay healthy, playing some basketball, whatever he can do to keep his mind as strong as possible under the circumstances," Collings said.

Harris County District Attorney's Office Public Information Officer Jeff McShan says if the teen would be tried and convicted as an adult, he would not face the death penalty due to his age. In the adult system, he would be eligible for parole after 40 years because the case started when he was a juvenile. In the adult system, if someone is found guilty of capital murder, he would receive a life without parole sentence if an adult when the crime is committed.

Teen charged with capital murder of mother and father

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