ONLY ON 13: Intruder caught on camera breaking into homes in west Houston

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Burglar caught on camera using sprinkler to keep dog away, Chauncy Glover reports. (KTRK)

An intruder was caught on camera breaking into homes on the west side and taking valuable items from inside. The suspect was also seen fighting off a dog with a sprinkler.

"We work hard for the things we have so it's very disappointing," Travis Kuehler said.

Travis says the thief made his way through the home and ransacked each bedroom.

"So he ended up getting away with a MacBook, iPad, jewelry and purses," Travis said. "Most important thing is our wedding pictures were on our laptop."

After the suspect left the Kuehler's home, he made his way inside the Ricker's residence by kicking in the back door.

Little did he know, the cameras were rolling.

In the footage, you can see the suspect make his way to the front of the home. At the front, the intruder was confronted by a growling dog.

"Then he sees I have a dog that's growling at him," Pilar Ricker said.

The intruder goes outside to get a sprinkler to use to fight off the dog.

Ricker says the man took her iPad and antique jewelry from her bedroom.

"You better watch it because you're going to get caught," she added.

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