ONLY ON 13: Man arrested for bizarre electricity theft

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Only on 13: Man arrested for using multiple extension cords to steal electricity

A Conroe man was arrested for allegedly stealing electricity from the city.

Jay Fields, 53, was arrested Tuesday after the city received phone calls about an extension cord plugged into a city street light which was stretched across North Pacific Street.

The cord could be seen snaking across traffic, under the railroad tracks and then under a fence at 101 Avenue A. Investigators said the electricity was being used to power an air conditioner and other appliances.

"You can't steal power and get away with it," said Brian Wilke, who owns Wilke's Pitts across the street.

Fields' former landlord was not shocked to hear about the accusations currently facing Fields.

"It doesn't surprise me with Jay, not at all," said former landlord, Bryan Anthony.

Anthony said Fields used to live at his property next door, until he kicked Fields out for not paying rent. Anthony showed us a judgment of over $9,000 which he said Fields still owes.

The City of Conroe said Fields has been a persistent problem. Officials claim he violates ordinances by stashing piles of junk and trash around the front of the properties there on Avenue A. Fields owes thousands of dollars in unpaid fines.

"I'm glad that they got him for something, because he's gotten away with so much," said Anthony.

Fields remains in jail, accused of criminal mischief. His bond is set at $25,000.

A woman who identified herself as Fields' secretary told Eyewitness News he admits "to stealing the electricity." She claims he did it because he'd fallen behind on power bills, there is no air conditioner at the property where they are living and he was trying to cool the place down for her and his girlfriend. She claims they were both getting sick in the heat.

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