Landfill's sludge plans have neighborhood on edge

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Landfill's future sludge plans worry neighbors.

Homeowners who have been concerned about a mysterious odor around their neighborhood say they're growing increasingly concerned about the nearby landfill's application to process municipal wastewater.

We told you in January how those living near the Sprint landfill on West Bellfort believed a mysterious odor was coming from it.

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Neighbors say there's often a 'rotten egg' smell throughout their neighborhood, but no one can figure out why.

"I want them to fix the existing problems," said nearby homeowner Bernadette Sloat.

Those living nearby say it comes and goes still and they're worried even more now about the company's application to process "...sludge products."

According to the application on file with TCEQ, it will be an average of 64,000 gallons per day. "I don't understand why they have to truck in sewage from all over the Houston area, to me!!!" said Sloat.

Residents have started several online petitions, one with the sub-headline "Say no to more odors in your community." But the other is garnering maybe more interest as it claims what will be processed will be "...toxic human waste and fecal matter from medical facilities around the Houston area."

"I don't know where they came up with that," said Sprint Waste Services Partner Joe Swinbank.

He tells Eyewitness News there's no truth to that, insisting only sewage from nearby subdivisions would be processed. Household wastewater.

Swinbank showed us the facility right next door where MUD 25 currently does the same. He says Sprint currently trucks sludge there already.

Swinbank says they would simply be building their own facility, on their property, about 300-400 yards east of that, to do the same.

"We think we can do it more economically than we currently are and we're willing to spend our money to find out," he added.

Still those living nearby fear the worst.

It's worth noting that this permit has not been given final approval. There's still a public comment period underway.
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