Twin hot car deaths bring TranStar warning to fore

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Following the deaths of twins in Georgia, Marla Carter has a reminder for Houston about hot car deaths (KTRK)

Two twin girls were found dead in the back of a hot car in Georgia on Thursday. It's a tragedy that TranStar say happens all too often and they're working to get the message out.

TranStar launched a PSA this week encouraging drivers to create habits so they don't leave their children behind.

In the PSA, you see a man take off his shoes before getting into the car. Once he arrives at his destination he puts the shoes back on. The idea is, once he arrives he had to put his shoes on to get out of the car, thus, triggering a reminder that there is also a child in the backseat.

"How many times have we all been driving somewhere and habits kick in and we go our normal path and then suddenly we find ourselves going, oh I'm not supposed to be here. I'm supposed to be there, that's how the tragedy occurs. People get distracted," said Harris County Judge Ed Emmett.

So far this year, 5 kids in Texas have died from heat stroke and at least 25 kids have died nationwide. Doctors say that number is far too high.

"The cases that we've had, what always strikes me is the mom, the dad, the uncle, the caregiver, is just like us. We have this reaction how could have they done that, we'll everyone of us is at risk for having done that," said Dr. David Persse, the EMS Physician Director for the City of Houston.

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