VIDEO: Controversial arrest of social worker by METRO officer

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Video shows the arrest of a social worker by a METRO officer. (KTRK)

The METRO Police Department is standing by one of its officers accused of "harassing" a woman during a traffic stop. Surveillance video shows the controversial arrest and the woman, 28-year-old Earledreka White, claims Officer G. Luca crossed the line.

"(The video shows) she was not acting aggressive," said White's attorney, Zachary Fertitta. "She was not combative."

The video shows Officer Luca pulling over White's vehicle in the 10000 block of South Main Street back in March. According to police, she was stopped for crossing a double white line while driving. In the video, White gets out of her car to inquire why she was stopped.

White, who has a master's degree in psychology and no criminal record, then pulls out her phone and calls 911. White repeatedly tells the dispatcher she "does not feel safe" and requests another officer come to the scene. White tells the dispatcher she is being "harassed" and that's when the encounter gets physical. Officer Luca tries to arrest her by pinning her arms behind her back and White appears to struggle while yelling, "please stop" and "I'm a woman."

WATCH: Full arrest video and 911 call
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Social worker arrested by Metro PD officer

White was charged with resisting arrest after the incident allegedly for her refusal to provide identification and obey lawful orders.

METRO Chief Vera Bumpers said it was just a big misunderstanding between them both.

Chief Bumpers claims the officer was not aggressive and even waited for White to finish her 911 call. He then went in to arrest her for failing to comply with his orders and ultimately resisting arrest. The METRO chief said they investigated a complaint filed by White in April and found "no wrongdoing." Bumpers said the officer did exactly what he was trained to do.

"It's important that we all think respect first and obey the officers when you are given a directive to stay in your car," said Chief Bumpers. "It's for your safety."

"I wanted to be as calm and as polite as I could," said White, explaining her actions that day.

Fertitta told Eyewitness News he is not surprised by METRO's response. He said he wants the charges against his client dropped, but plans to take the case to trial if they are not.

Officer Luca had worked for METRO for three years before the incident and remains on the job.

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