ONLY ON 13: Gun, hatchet and survival guide found in the Heights

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Among what she found were a hatchet, survival guide and gun.

A gun, a hatchet and a survival handbook were among some of the items left behind by someone in the Heights. There was also a clip, gloves, a rope and even medication.

It's not exactly what you expect to find lying in the grass on a street corner.

"Oh wow, just out on the ground?" asked Allie Booth, who lives nearby. "That's crazy. That was around here. Wow! That's dangerous."

"We got home at around 10 o'clock last night and it wasn't there," said Courtney Goetz, who also lives in the area. "It must have happened in the wee hours."

Police say we're all lucky that the woman who came across the stash is a former undercover officer. She knew exactly what to do - step back and call 911.

We're concealing her identity because of her job.

"My first thought was that maybe it had been stolen and thrown out and then I started thinking about it," she said. "Why would they leave the weapons, because those are hard to come by. The police thought maybe it was a domestic and somebody had thrown it out."

Houston police say the gun hasn't been reported stolen. There's no ID to be found. After knocking on doors Tuesday morning, officers don't know where to find the owner.

Houston police come across a few discarded guns every year, but never along with a survival guide.

"That and the hatchet were things I had never seen through any searches I had ever done as a law enforcement officer," said the woman who found the stash. "It just was baffling to me."

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