Group challenges alcohol sales rules in the Heights

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Push to change dry laws in the Heights

The dry law in the Heights dates back to when it was its own city more than 100 years ago. The "dry" law was grandfathered in when The Heights was annexed.

There is a move now to change that law and allow for grocery stores, or convenience stores, to sell alcohol to go.

Monday night, in a historic firehouse, a small group of Heights residents talked beer.

More specifically, the Houston Heights Association Land Use Committee discussed a petition to change the law allowing for stores to sell beer and wine for people to take home.

It's an issue because for much of the Houston Heights, take-home alcohol sales are against the law and buying drinks at restaurants requires club membership.

Only people living within the boundaries would vote on it.

Those at the committee meeting in the firehouse have their concerns that if the issue gets on the November ballot, those able to vote on the measure wouldn't understand its full implications. It's not just about allowing a store like HEB to set up shop, they told Eyewitness News. It's about all future retail development.

"This is actually a local option election and it's to change the laws of our whole neighborhood," said Houston Heights Association board President Stacey Courville. "We would like to launch some type of education campaign so that everyone is aware the issue is very much broader than it initially appears. "

The petition has more than 1,700 signatures, seemingly more than enough to get it on the ballot if the city of Houston certifies enough of them.

The Heights Association isn't taking sides. There is no timetable yet for when, or if, the city will certify those signatures.

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